Mailbox Full Alerts - Resolve Now 

Written by: Tempy Allen

Quick answer, there are 2 options to solve this problem. 

  1. Increase your hosting space with your provider
  2. Remove copies of mails from your server, do a cleanup

Option 1 - Increase Space

Get in touch with your hosting provider if your mailbox is alerting you that it is nearing max capacity. Your provider can increase your individual mailbox or remove all limits. Remember, the overall hosting space for all users @domain will have a capacity so eventually you might reach this limit. With this in mind, option 2 might be a better move. If however you would like to keep all of your mails hosted on a 3rd party server that is potentially backed up and remove any need on your end to backup, you could continue to host all mails offsite and keep increasing your hosting space to offer this solution. Remember, this costs money so might become quite costly if you have very large attachments in your mails etc... 

Option 2 - Remove Mails From The Server ... Clean things up!

There are a few ways to free storage space for your mailbox. Firstly you need to figure out some key points:

  • What is your storage space limit?
  • Where are your mails stored?
  • Are you leaving a copy of all emails on the hosting server or are they being removed after x weeks.

These are really important questions to ask and to understand how your email account and overall companies domain email account storage space is handled.

Using Outlook

- If you are using Outlook to view your mails, check your email settings to see how long you are "leaving a copy of message on server". Depending on your version of Outlook, this setting is positioned differently. see how to youtube video here or link here to view some steps to follow. The goal is to stop leaving a copy of your emails on the 3rd party hosting server where your mailbox is setup. If you leave a copy on the server you must continue Option 1 above. 

- Once you have located this setting, simply STOP leaving a copy on the server or leave it for 30 days. This is usually enough for most email users. Talk to your IT specialist if you are unsure which option.


- If your mailbox is full, and you need to immediately sort out the space issue, you can select the option to REMOVE NOW in your mail program and it will remove all copies of emails and you will immediately have free space on the 3rd party hosting server. Other mail programs operate similarly eg. Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc...

- Alternatively you can log onto the IMAP account via your webmail logins and remove all message from the server. You can also ask your 3rd party hosting provider to wipe your inbox on their servers to clean up and leave you with 100% free space on their server. Remember, your PC/Outlook program will have a copy locally of all your mails so you really do not need to leave them on that server unless your are going with Option 1. 

- Lastly - if you choose Option 2, and you will not be relying on your 3rd party hosting company to store backup copies of your emails, you will be storing these all locally, you must therefore ensure you have a local storage/backup for your emails in place. Remember, if tomorrow your computer dies, do you have a copy backed up in your office or in the Cloud. You will not be able to go back to your email hosting provider for a backup as you will not be leaving copies of emails on their server forever. You need Option 1 if you need to have this setup. 


Conclusion Points

  • Do not ignore alerts about your email storage space nearly full, take action, talk to someone if not sure what to do.
  •   Read this article and follow either option 1 or option 2 to solve the issue
  •  Make sure that you have access to your cPanel or third party hosting space control panel. When you login you will be able to see within seconds what storage space your mailbox/hosting is using. 
  •  Get your IT company involved. If you do not have any IT professional then definitely get one but make sure they have all of the logins and information they need to be able to react to everyday support queries such as email inbox full issues. 
  • Be in the know, be in the know and be in the know... have an action plan in place, and ask questions if you are not in the know!  

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