Pallaskenry Agricultural College

Salesian Agricultural College have never been more efficient, thanks to their new website management and course booking platform, powered by IdeaBubble. IdeaBubble worked with Salesian Agricultural College to tackle the challenges that they faced in their business and improved productivity across all departments. With IdeaBubble, all of this education provider's departments are now working together in tandem with each other and directors have a clearer vision of where their business is going through reporting and digital insights.

Key Highlights

  • Course Discounts
  • Easy Checkout
  • Card Payment Gateway
  • Course Wishlist
  • Spread payments
  • Tiered Packages
  • Refunds and Conversations



STAC First Aid

STAC First Aid struggled with advertising their courses online but with their new course website and booking system are now much more confident in expanding the business into new regions and areas.

The Ideabubble platform has given STAC First Aid so much flexibility and in general it has reduced overall time spent on consuming tasks. They found that that their previous website was cumbersome and hard to update. However with their new IdeaBubble website they can quickly add training days, schedules, trainers and new locations to the website with ease.

Key Highlights

  • Direct Messaging
  • One click contact search
  • Create contact groups
  • Easily view Documents
  • Web Chat


iOS application

IdeaBubble is also a full-service app development agency providing services that cover the entire development cycle, from concept right through to app-store distribution. By leveraging on our in-house talent, we deliver custom solutions that are fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. We’re the preferred app development partner for some of Ireland’s leading brands.

Key Highlights

  • iOS Mobile App
  • Room planning
  • Exam Results
  • eLearning Platform
  • Alumni Portal


Ideabubble developed a new event-ticket platform for gig promoters with ongoing support and technical consultancy for the uTicket team. Ideabubble dived deep into uTicket's processes and offered a number of solutions for developing the uTicket platform, which proved to be effective. Idea Bubble was able to fully customise what I required, avoid over spend and ensure uTicket got exactly what they needed to drive their business online.

Key Highlights

  • View Attendance
  • Request Time-Off
  • Submit Homework
  • View Timetables
  • Make Payments
  • Manage Bookings

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